Ways To Turn Your Stand Up Paddleboard Around

Turning your stand up paddleboard around may seem like a fairly simple thing to do, but did you know that there are various ways to do it?

Side Stroke is the most basic way to turn your stand up paddleboard around, and you’re probably doing this already. You know that a side stroke needs a lot of space because your turning circle is pretty wide. Side stroke is also what you’ll be using when you’re right past the novice level and would want to make slight directional changes while cruising or while making broader turns.

See to it that you’re stable and pretty settled on the board, with your foot slightly in front of the other to prevent you from rocking back or forward as you paddle.

Make a series of strokes on the opposite side toward the direction you want to go.

Remember to keep your strokes quick and short. Begin at half-a-meter in front of your feet and stroke until the paddle blade is just behind your feet.

The stand up paddleboard (SUP) will start to turn and pick up momentum. It will then turn faster as more strokes are put in.

Start paddling on the other side as your board reaches the direction you want, and start alternating strokes as you begin to generate forward momentum.

You can twist the board instead of simply paddling to push it around and feel your abs getting all worked out. Turn your board around quickly by pulling the board with your arms and twisting it with your feet.

Back Paddle is one of most widely used turns for your paddleboard. It’s also one of the most useful. Back paddle is what you’d want to use when you have a longer board.

Approach the back paddle turn with a little speed.

Initiate the turn by dipping your blade into the water on the same side that you want your board to turn towards.

As your paddleboard runs out of forward momentum, start paddling backwards on the same side of your board.

Begin your back paddle at approximately half-a-meter behind your feet and stop the stroke when the blade is just past your feet.

When the board is about half way around the turn, start to paddle on the side of the board.

This will then generate some forward momentum, and you’re all set towards the next wave!

Pivot Turn is the most advanced and the quickest way to turn your stand up paddleboard around. It’s extremely efficient, and by reducing the portion of the board in the water, is also the fastest way to turn your paddleboard around.

The pivot turn is very much useful if you want to make a quick transition to pull yourself on a wave during situations where “tightness” of turns and speed is important.

Select the spot where you want to make a turn around. Let your board glide in, stop stroking and keep your eyes focused.

Remember that the pivot turn relies on how much of the board’s front can be out of the water, so you’ll have to get your weight as far back of the board as possible. You’ll have to put your weight through your back foot prior to starting the turn.