Rogue SUP R9 SUP All Water 10'8" x 31" x 4.5", Blue Stand Up Paddleboard Package

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Rogue SUP “All Waters” are designed and shaped to paddle gracefully in flat water and perform equally well in surf up to head high. Proprietary construction make Rogue boards 10% lighter than the competition without making any sacrifices. Shaped with a slight concave in the nose blending to a double barrel concave in the tail allows the water to enter and exit the board efficiently while maintaining maximum stability.

The Rogue SUP All Water 10'8" X 31" X 4.5" R9 Blue Stand Up Paddleboard Package includes everything you need to get on the water right away: stand up paddleboard, adjustable fiberglass paddle, and 10' coil leash. R9 construction is offered in every board series rogue provides. Whether you are a beginner just looking for a board to get started on or an expert looking to save some money, this build is incredible. This board is the industry standard mix of fiberglass, wood and foam but at a price you can’t beat. It is strong and durable like all rogue boards. We are extremely excited to get this production build out to paddlers everywhere and grow the sport as much as possible. Not everyone starts out as a professional athlete with free top of line gear and equipment. Everyone has to start somewhere... And the r9 construction is that place. Get some real bang for you buck. The Rogue Adjustable Paddle Seaside Fiberglass, offered with a solid or adjustable shaft and durable fiberglass blade, this is a great price point oriented paddle to have for a multiple paddler family or as a backup.

  • Includes Rogue Adjustable Seaside Adjustable Paddle Fiberglass, Blue
  • Includes Rogue Leash 10' Coil Cord, Black
  • SUP Volume: 171 L R9
  • SUP Construction: Foam Core, S-Glass, Wood Veneer
  • R9 SUP also features: 2+1 Fin Set, up Rogue Center Fin + 2 Future Rail Fins, Honey Fomb Deck Pad, Monkey Grip, Chameleon Deck Pad, Captains Box
  • Honey fomb deck pad - EVA deck pad has now become a staple of the rogue board line. Unlike most EVA pads that are simply cut to shape and texture, the new honeycomb design is heat embossed. This process of heat pressing the grip pattern seals the porous EVA material and eliminates all water absorption. This makes your board lighter, faster in the water... And easier to carry after a long paddle. Another aspect of this EVA is its inverted walls. Opposite from using the positive space as grip points (much like the standard diamond groove EVA ), honeyfomb uses the negative space between the grip pattern. This design by Rogue R&D maximizes grip while maintaining surface area to keep your feet comfortable and pain free.
  • Monkey grip - Allows for maximum grip with no obstruction to foot placement while riding. Rogue’s custom molded ergonomic grip takes the stress off your fingers, eliminating pain and cramping for those longer walks to the water.
  • Chameleon deck pad - Don’t hide the killer look of your rogue board. This EVA pad conforms to the color and design of the board graphics
  • Sandwich Layers Construction - Various sandwich composite constructions makes for unbeatable weight and strength
  • Gear Bungee Tie Downs - Strap down all your gear with crosshatched bungees system
  • Paddle length: 86”; Paddle Weight: 22 oz. Paddle shaft Dia: 1.25” blade, Width: 7.5”, Blade Length: 16.25”, Blade Angle: 10-degree, Blade Size: 90 sq/in.
  • Leash: 10' Coil Cord, Black - 7 mm Urethane Cord, Kevlar Core In Cord, Double Bearing Swivel, Triple Wrap Rail Saver, Quick Release Cuff (Not For Surfing)

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About Rogue SUP

Rogue SUP was established in 2008 with a desire for more authentic designs and stand up paddle board quality. Rogue SUP's mission is to create specialized, high performance stand up paddle boards and accessories with innovative technology and powerful graphics and a competitive price. Rogue SUP has designed boards that excel in surf, flat water, downwinders, and river runs.

Product Details

Weight 1.0000
Dimensions 10'8" L x 31" W x 4.5" H
Height 4.5
Width 31
Length 128
Restocking Fee no
Warranty 12 month limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship
Brand Rogue SUP
Color Blue
Color No Color Specified

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