How To Place A Video Camera On Your Stand-Up Paddle Board

Of course you would want to capture those exciting and precious moments with your stand-up paddle board and here’s a how-to to teach you the basics of mounting a video camera onto the nose of the stand-up paddle (SUP).

The things you’ll need are obviously a waterproof digital video camera or a still digital camera with the capability to capture videos. It’s also recommended that you use a memory card with at least 2-GB capacity for capturing an uninterrupted one-hour of video footage. You’ll also be needing a short tie-down strap, a glazier’s suction cup, a water ski rope float and some scrap deck grip.

The first step would be to drill a series of 4-millimeter holes in one side of the suction cup’s fixed handle in order to create a slit as wide as the tie-down strap. Repeat the process for the other side.

The second step is to feed the tie-down strap through each of the slits. This is to ensure that the strap’s buckle is at the back of the suction cup, where the handle of the lever is. These slits will prevent the strap from sliding off.

The third step is to thread the water ski rope float onto the tie-down strap’s end. Tie a figure-eight knot on the end to prevent it from sliding off. You need this because the complete unit won’t float unless you have this additional piece of buoyancy.

The fourth step is to grind a step into the suction cup’s front for the camera’s base to lock into.

The fifth step is to stick some scrap deck grip on the step to increase the step’s height and add a little padding for the camera.

The sixth step is to place the suction cup in the right position on your board’s nose.  It must be exactly centered and as far forward as possible. It should still remain on the board’s flat part.

The seventh step is to lock the suction cup in place by raising the handle of the lever. Make sure it is inside of the tie-down strap.

The eight step is to attach the camera’s safety strap to the tie-down strap. This will allow everything to stay together should there be a “suck-off”.

The ninth step is to seat the video camera in the strap at suction cup’s front. The camera’s bottom must fit in front of the step that you’ve grinded earlier. The video camera on its side will allow more surfer’s height without the need for a costly wide-angled lens camera. You’ll have to rotate your final video clip by 90-degrees when you edit it.

The tenth step is to tighten the strap as hard as possible.

Share and enjoy your SUP video clips with family and friends!

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