Lose Weight and Get Fit Naturally through SUP

Did you know that stand up paddling is a great way to lose weight and get fit in no time? Sure you’ve heard of aerobics, steppers and treadmills, but stand up paddling or SUP is a lot more enjoyable activity that yields the same, if not even better, fitness results.

SUP is an activity that teaches you balance and gives you a total body workouts – from your chest, arms, back, abs, butt down to your legs. Make those muscles work and lose unwanted fat by just “walking on water”.

Stand up paddle boarding is not your ordinary kayak or canoe sport. Basically, you get to stand on an oversized surfboard then you paddle. Yes, you’ll definitely feel as if you’re able to walk on water, which is an absolutely thrilling and such an extraordinary experience!

Feel your muscles in motion when you discover how fascinating SUP can be. Even professional athletes find stand up paddle boarding a wonderful way to maintain health and fitness. They also enhance their cross training through SUP.

As with any other sport, a beginner will have to work his or her way towards achieving the right balance, and discover the ins and outs of SUP including paddle surfing, recreational flat water paddling and downwinding, which is naturally designed for high intensity interval training (HIIT)!

Stand up paddling motion is one distinct exercise. Utilizing the right technique, it’s like doing sit-ups, squats, deadlifts and bends all in one. Imagine all these compound exercises, hitting all your major muscle groups as you burn the fat and calories away!

Develop your six-pack, expand your chest, tighten your butt, build your back and power up your legs while enjoying this fun water sport.   

What’s even more amazing is that you’re not required to exert much strength all the time... even a casual paddle here and there will help you burn fat and get rid of stress.