Soccer Agility Training with Ladder Drills

Agility is defined as “the power of moving quickly and easily; nimbleness.” Competitive soccer requires players to play with an advanced level of agility. One way to develop this is through a variety of ladder drills. The following video demonstrates 16 differeent drills that can be done with a ladder. They include:

one foot in each rung
both feet in each rung
both feet in each rung laterally
2 hops forward, 1 hop back
jumps in and out left and right
in and out split jumps
diagonal steps – hovering legs
ali shuffle
1 step side hip twist
1 in out out switch
2 inside 2 outside steps
2 inside 2 outside – forward and back
2 horward 1 back – side
hop in hop out – left to right
sequence jumps – 1 forward/1back, 2 forward/1 back, 3 forward/1 back

As will be mentioned at both the beginning and ending of the video, proper technique takes precedence over speed. It is quite common for younger players to want to turn the drill into a competition of who can get through the quickest. Coaches need to emphasize the importance of correct technique. Once the technique is dominated by the players, they can progressively do the drills more quickly. When all players on the team dominate a particular technique, a race may be in order.