Cintz Fixed Rungs Speed Agility Ladder

Speed and Agility are two very important skills that soccer athlete should skillfully fulfill during preseason training. As early as in the younger years, it is also very advantageous to train young amateur athletes of the importance of such skills.

Speed is one that athletes can be adept to if they train using a variety of drills that will increase endurance and even techniques with the use of adequate soccer training equipment. On the other hand, agility skills can be learned through carefully formulated soccer training drills that will include the use of innate talent when it comes to being sleek and being able to easily adjust as your opponents on the field play offense or defense.

Both skill can be learned and improved upon with the use of a combination of both drills and equipment. The most classic equipment that can help you with both is an agility ladder. The Cintz Fixed Rungs Speed Agility Ladder is one very basic and useful ladder that can give you what you need. Lets look at it closely below.

Awesome and Exactly What You Need

The Cintz Fixed Rungs Speed Agility Ladder is a fixed, flat rungs agility ladder that consists of sturdy flat rungs connected using a webbing strap. This can be used for soccer training drills that includes hopping, running or walking drills to increase you speed, agility, coordination and sense of balance. The plastic rungs are flat of which is ideal for increased durability and safety of use for all ages of athletes. The ladder is approximately 15 feet long and made with durable lightweight material.

This is great for outdoors since the bright yellow color is easily identifiable. The durability is superb and you are sure to use it a lot of times for a long time. This is also great for other types of sports or physical therapy.

Other Included Advantages

The Cintz Fixed Rungs Speed Agility Ladder also comes with a really nice carry bag. You just need to collapse the whole ladder and put it inside the bag. You can carry it anytime and anywhere without taking so much of your storage space. Although it has its downside like no markers for sizes and adjustments but nonetheless, it is reasonably priced for amateur and personal use.

Pair this ladder with other soccer training drills and even other equipment like the soccer cone and poles to get the ultimate soccer training equipment and field. Be ready to take on your opponents for the soccer big leagues.