California Board Company 10 Six Soft Stand Up Paddleboard Package

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Q: I have an 11' CBC kahakai and I store my board outside on my deck. Would it be detrimental to my board if stored outside in the winter when the temperatures are around freezing? Thank you
Posted On: 8/29/15 By: Les
A: Hi Les, Thank you for your email. The most ideal place to store your board will be in a room temperature setting. I hope this helps.

Q: Hi, I was wondering how fast you can drive with the board strapped to the top of a car? Is there a speed limit? Thanks
Posted On: 7/18/15 By: Breanna
A: Hi Breanna, there's no specific speed limit necessarily. However, you do want to ensure the board is tightly secured. We would not necessarily recommend driving at very high speeds as well.

Q: My board has the soft top. Something dug into and the top coat is ripped into the foam. I was able to smooth it back out and it looks good with the exception of it being ripped. What is the best way to repair it? Do I need to cut out the area or just put a seal on top? Thank you.
Posted On: 7/6/15 By: Wendy
A: Hi Wendy, Thank you for your inquiry. The best way to repair the board is to take a hot glue gun to glue the piece back in place and to also fill the entire opening. This will make it completely waterproof and ready to use once it is dry. Depending on how deep the rip is, the glue may need to be layered in. I hope this helps!

Q: What is the weight of the board?
Posted On: 5/19/15 By: Michael
A: Hi Michael, the weight of the California Board Company 10 Six Soft Stand Up Paddleboard is around 20 pounds.

Q: Is there a video of how to use the straps that come with the board to put it on top of my trailblazer ?
Posted On: 4/4/15 By: Lisa
A: Hi, Lisa. Unfortunately, no, we do not have a video showing how to attach the board using the straps. However, it is usually a straightforward process. You run the straps through the interior of the car and use them to tighten the board down to the top of the car. The car doors then close over the straps. If you already have a vehicle with a rack, you may not need to use the included straps. Please let us know if we can help you with anything else.

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The California Board Company 10 Six Soft Stand Up Paddleboard is made of a 100% Waterproof EPS Foam Core, which is what makes the board a "soft" SUP. This contributes to the board's lighter weight. Please see the video beneath the description for more details.

The California Board Company 10 Six Soft Stand Up Paddleboard is completely waterproof, held together with 3 multi-layered, laminated wood stringers coated with a waterproof resin. The graphic top has a high density, durable IXPE/XPE Deck (heat laminated). The bottom is slick, and made of a heat-laminated, high density polyethylene.

This package includes everything you need to get started paddleboarding.

Includes adjustable SUP Paddle with Exclusive Blade Shield:
  • Adjusts from 63” to 83”
  • Made of Fiberglass reinforced Nylon
  • Blade Shield™ to make sure your board stays looking great!

Also includes full leash system, and a RoofShield Instant Padded Roof Rack that makes it easy to strap your board to almost any vehicle.

  • Heat Laminated High Density 100% Waterproof EPS Core, Custom Molded Shape
  • Includes adjustable SUP Paddle with Exclusive Blade Shield
  • 3 Multi-Layered (Molded-In) Laminated Wood Stringers Coated with Waterproof Resin
  • Molded-In Nylon Fin Box, Fiberglass-Nylon Combo 9” Fin
  • Comes with Surf Leash (Precision Molded Fittings/Double Swivel/Rail Saver) & Neoprene Padded Ankle Strap, Molded-in Nylon Leash Plug
  • Molded Nylon SUP Handle w/ Finger Grooves
  • Weight limit: up to 275 pounds

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Product Information and Manuals

Read more about California Board Company 10 Six Soft Stand Up Paddleboard Package:

10 Six Stand Up Paddleboard Package Product Sheet

About California Board Company

California Board Company is a leading maker of surfboards, bodyboards, and stand up paddleboards.

Product Details

Weight 20.0000
Model 10 Six SUP Board
Dimensions 126”H x 31”W x 5.5”L
Height 126
Width 31
Length 5.5
Restocking Fee no
Brand California Board Company
Color Blue

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Customer Reviews

  1. Outstanding small lake touring

    by Chandler Harris on August 12, 2013

    I have taken the California Paddleboard Co. Stand-up 10-6 board out on a fairly calm lake in N.H. for coasting above submerged rocks. The excitement of skimming shallow shoals is unmatched in crafts that require the operator to sit. It is thrilling to navigate such a manageable vessel as it can stop on a dime by a mere flick of ones paddle. The craft is so lightweight that it responds readily to any subtle motion - oriented forwards or backwards - from the paddler. Also one gets a solid conditioning workout just by plying the body of water in question with its changing winds, constant ripples, and clearer or cloudier horizons
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